Ode to Carolina

Verse 1:
Tonight I'm gonna be in Carolina
Tonight I'm gonna leave it all behind
Somewhere in the mountains womb
Teetering on the edge of youth
Feeling for a way to clear my mind

Verse 2:
Tonight I'll be in Carolina
Where this small town chokehold has to let me go
Where the air is clear and the sky is true
The birds and the trees don't lie to you
Somewhere I can feel I'm on my own

I don't think I'll be lonely
Cus I don't need the opinions of fools

Verse 3:
And if tomorrow comes to save me
From this dark white light that heats me up inside
With questions I don't wanna ask
They're too confused to answer back
Promise that the feeling won't subside

I don't believe what they tell me
I can't ignore what I feel to be true
I'm being tethered and torn and uprooted
To the veil of the North, where the fate is in tune...

Verse 4:
Maybe I'll return in sandals
With a crown upon my head to show I pained
But I hope I find that inner peace
This stirring settles down in me
Carolina lead me to be changed

I believe in Carolina
I believe in Carolina
I believe, yes I believe in Carolina
I believe in Carolina