Losing Ground

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Verse 1:
I’ve been on my own too long
I’m tired of myself
I’ve been on my own two feet
It’s about time that I fell

You’ve noticed I’m a man of my word
You’ve seen the reaction
So now I plan to be a man of my heart
And put my head out of action

I’d readily make another mistake if it means
You’re there when I need

Someone to be around (but every time)
I feel I’m losing ground (well never you mind)
How long it takes me
Maybe love will provide

Verse 2:
I need a lover who will settle the score
Not try to write me a new one
And though I make her feel like never before
It’s my heart or my tongue would you choose one


Take me away to another place unknown
Where I’m breathing again, I’m wondering when
Someone will take me and love will provide
I’d readily make another mistake…