I’ll Never Say

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Verse 1:
You can say we’re in love
Just cus you say it don’t make it true
I never said that I loved you
What’s that you’re whispering of?
I guess that you just went ahead and assumed
Well babe assuming can hurt you

Take it from someone who’s been there before
Take it from someone who’s been on the lines of war
And I won’t say it no not even if it’s true
I’ll never say that I loved you

Verse 2:
The one who keeps his mouth shut
Wise as an owl and never shows his cuts
And no one knows that he’s hurting, no…
If you take the first shot
Chances are it’s not long before you’re downed
You know that everything comes around


Verse 3:
I guess we all have our turn
What good is life if you never ever learn?
I’ll tell you baby I’m learning