Can We Be Friends

Verse 1:
I've been looking for answers that i've yet to find
I gave you plenty of chances to change your mind
I've been running the numbers and they're coming out wrong
Even terminal lovers should try to carry on

Pre chorus:
If I pressed too hard and sent you off the rails
It's cus my eager heart couldn't help it

All I wanna know is can we be friends?
After all is said and done
Let this bitter hour of battling end
Can we be friends?

Verse 2:
I don't know why I doubted that we'd come undone
Might have been all the times you said that we belong
Pre-meditated predictions when you chose to leave
I think it hurt me the most when you pinned it all on me

Pre chorus:
If I had started out soft would you have lingered for a while?
Or were we cursed from the start to be ended?


Well I chose to give up holding on to pride
In hopes that we'd try to mend it
Yes I long to be right but you’d beat me every time
So I forgave it all