The recording process of "Luke Davids" the album


The recording of this album was rather unorthodox when compared to the way most albums are tracked. Instead of doing drums for all songs, and then guitars for all songs and so forth we recorded and mixed each song separately. This helped give each song their own unique personality. Sometimes when you're recording on a time crunch you end up sacrificing creativity for efficiency. Being an independent artist without a scheduled deadline for the album I had the luxury of as much time as I needed. This really helped all of the songs reach their full potential. If we had an idea, we did it.

The album was recorded on weekends here and there over a span of 10 months. Brooks Paschal co-produced, engineered, and mixed the record at Mockingbird Studios.

The first song we tracked was "Fooled Me”. Brooks and I focused on making the drums sound a little less slick than we usually would which helped give the rest of the instruments room to breathe.  

"Stay" and "Le Cafe De Flore" were both live takes done in one shot:  I sat down at a piano, Brooks hit “record,” and I started singing. That's what you hear and sometimes that's all a song needs.

"Remarkable Plans" is a song that Brooks and I wrote together for the album. It may be the most simplistic track production-wise (next to Second Best), but sometimes less truly is more.

"Better Days" and "Losing Ground" were both songs that were a lot of fun to produce. We laid down the foundation (drums/bass/piano/vocals) and then listened for what we could add to complement each section. The last chorus of "Better Days" boasts the equivalent of a full string section, trombones, trumpets, organ, electric guitar, and an array of other textures that help support the wall of sound that you hear.  

I couldn't be happier with the way this album turned out. It's the first record I've released that truly represents what I'm going for as a songwriter. Honest songs elevated by appropriate production.

Posted on August 28, 2012 .