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Love wins in Orlando

Living in the heart of Downtown Orlando and experiencing the rollercoaster of the past few days has left me feeling immense pride to be a part of this city. The overwhelming response here has been one of Love. One of community and support. Orlando has opened their hearts, they've opened their doors and their wallets, and have come together like never before with one inspiring message beating in unison from the heart of this city that the rest of the world can learn from: Love wins in orlando. 

Posted on June 14, 2016 and filed under Life.

How to Love Yourself

I recently sent out an email talking about my continued resolution to more fully love myself and others. This was my resolution in 2015 and remains my resolution in 2016. 

I have noticed that the process of “loving yourself” is actually more about breaking old habits of thought. At least it has been for me. It’s a process of lessening the amount of self deprecating thoughts that fill your mind on a day to day basis. Those thoughts about “Should’ve done this better” or “I can’t do this because…” or “I don’t deserve this or that.” 

Simply it’s about saying “I SUCK” less to yourself. Sounds insane that we would even have these habits of thought when you talk about them head on. But alas if they are present, here’s a sort of “loving yourself to do list” that you can gradually start to implement:


1. Stop comparing yourself to others in a judgmental fashion

    This was step 1 for me. Once I noticed that this was a habit it became blatantly obvious how often I indulged in degrading myself because I’m not someone else. “Man, look what THEY’RE accomplishing/doing/living.”  We didn’t come to be other people we came to be the best versions of ourselves!

2. Find things to appreciate about yourself

    This may feel awkward at first but it gets easier over time. It can be simply noticing when you’ve done something well. Or you can flat out make a list of things that you know you thrive at. Things that you identify that you like about yourself already. 

3. Make time for what you love to do

    This took me a while to fully implement. The old thought-pattern of “I have to struggle and work hard” doesn’t die easily. And I’m not saying there isn’t value to working. However everyone deserves a balance and needs time to rest and recuperate. Schedule things during your week that you are doing simply because you enjoy them. They can be super simple things. But make it a point to have a balance.

Please feel free to comment and share a link to this blog if you'd like. Was this helpful? Any questions about how to more fully implement this idea of loving self? Leave a comment below.