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Ginger: My Favorite Rhizome

Ginger has recently become a staple of my daily diet. I juice with it every morning as it adds a zesty spice that I love. I'll also usually sauté vegetables in some ginger, oregano, basil and olive oil at dinner time. Despite being incredibly tasty, it's also extremely good for you. I've listed 5 of the top health benefits of ginger below. I think I should have also added that it helps wake you up if you're not a morning person!

If you'd like to learn more I found this article from The World's Healthiest Foods blog really helpful: Ginger  

  1. Settles Stomach Aches
  2. Aids Motion Sickness
  3. Boosts Immune System
  4. Anti-Inflammatory
  5. Protects Against Aancer

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Luke Davids Recipe: Red Pepper Juice

This is one of my favorite juices. I was never a fan of red pepper or any peppers in general until I started juicing them. They're surprisingly sweet and the ginger provides a little spice, which I love. The carrots, apple, lemon and celery are always the base of any juice that I make. Add a red pepper to that mix and you have one tasty, insanely healthy juice!

Luke Davids Red Pepper Juice Recipe

Luke Davids Red Pepper Juice Recipe


(preferably organic)
3 large carrots

1 lemon

1 red apple

1/2 a Red Pepper

Fingernail sized piece of ginger

1 stalk of celery

Wash all ingredients. Remove the core of the apple and the ends of the carrots. You can juice the stem and seeds of the red pepper but feel free to remove these also if you prefer. Juice all of the ingredients. Makes roughly 16oz of juice.

I love the creativity and spontaneity you can have when juicing. You can throw almost anything together into a juice and it'll taste delicious. It is also quick and good for my body and mind. As a musician I work odd hours and need to stay healthy to be able to perform well. Juicing provides so many immediate and long-term benefits that are too numerous to mention. In short, it just makes you feel good!

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