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What do you mean by "healthy"?

I was working with a singer recently who was asking for diet tips mainly to improve her breathing and vocal abilities. Of course improving your diet will help all aspects of your health. However diet is such a personal thing. Everyone has their own needs and preferences and what your body needs to function at it's best may vary from day to day. 

I attempted to sum up some key components that I found helped me when I decided to change my diet for the better. It was a gradual process but these are some of the things that I did and that I think can benefit all regardless of body type or dietary restrictions. 

For those who don't have the time or attention span to read the whole thing here's what I think the most helpful part of this email was: 

"Don't try to be a different person on day one. Small changes that you can adjust to over time will help the most. It can just be saying no to a dessert more of the time or adding a portion of vegetables or salad to your daily intake." 

Here's the email in it's entirety:

"So first off diet is a very personal thing. Our bodies are always communicating to us what they need most but it's up to us to be in tune with ourselves and listen. That takes a little attention and practice but there are some overall things I can tell you that I think can help. 

Improving your diet will of course improve all aspects of your physical health which includes your voice. Some main things that will ensure you're at top notch physically and vocally:

1. Rest.

Getting good amounts of sleep before you sing is critical. No sleep usually means no voice.

2. Drink. More. Water.

This pertains to every part of health: Drink. More. Water. And less of everything else. Our bodies are made up of mainly water and most people drink everything but simple plain water. If you don't like plain water all that much look into some healthy water flavorings that use natural sweetening methods. 

3. Quality food (Organic and Non-GMO)

Lean more towards quality, natural and organic foods in every way. Yes organic is slightly more expensive but the difference in quality is night and day in some cases. This can be a gradual shift. The most important food items to make sure are high quality are meat and fish. Also fast food is pretty void of any benefit. It's okay every now and then if you have to have it but moderation is key. 

4. Less Sugar. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a big no no.

Cut down sugar intake. Especially if you're drinking or eatings things with High fructose corn syrup. This syrup wreaks havoc with your sugar levels and is the leading cause of imbalance and obesity when it comes to diet. If you need a sugary snack make sure it is sweetened just with sugar or even better with a healthier (note: not chemical) alternative of which there are many (organic cane syrup, organic coconut nectar etc etc).  Sweet n Low or the other kinds of chemical sweeteners are not helpful.

5. Breathe regular oxygen.

5. I'm not sure if you smoke or how often but I don't need to tell you about the effects that will have on your voice, I'm sure you know. So that's something you can work on as well. 

6. Rocky Balboa it up. 

6. Like you said - Rocky Balboa it up! Cardiovascular health will help you sustain notes and have an easier time breathing. And you'll look HAWT!

Lastly - with all of these points you need to find what works for you. The key you want to establish is consistency. it's easy to change for a week or a month but you want to implement things that are going to be sustainable for you. So if you hate broccoli find other vegetables to eat. If you can't find or afford ALL organic foods, just choose some - mainly meats or proteins as these are the most altered when not organic. If you're buying conventional fruits and veg that's fine but make you wash all of it well. This well get rid of the majority of pesticides used while growing. 

Don't try to be a different person on day one. Small changes that you can adjust to over time will help the most. It can just be saying no to a dessert more of the time or adding a portion of vegetables or salad to your daily intake. 

I hope this was helpful and please keep in touch. Would love to help in any way that I can - feel free to contact me any time. "

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