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Happy New Year!! Time for some resolutions

Happy New Year!!

I spent this past New Years Eve doing what I love - playing music, singing and hanging out with close friends. However after all the fun, I decided it's time to get these resolutions out of the way.

As I was contemplating what my New Years resolutions would be for 2013, I came across this article by Chris Brogan:

To summarize, Chris always focuses on 3 words per year that signify what he wants to improve on. 

I've decided to adopt this philosophy for 2013. Here's what I've got so far:

Ease: I have a tendency to get a little too caught up in the small details of life. I've realized that when I can step back and chill out a little, things work out much better for me. It also limits the amount of gray hairs I have to try to pass of as the result of wisdom and not stress. This year I'm going to focus more on being in a state of ease rather than a state of flustered panic. (Exaggerating… a little). 

Writing: I'm always looking to improve my song-writing and I think this flows perfectly from the idea of ease. Songwriting for me is all about ease - letting it in rather than forcing it to happen. 

Order: Order for me means preparing for my future and having a general plan that I want to follow. This ties in with ease as well since I find that i'm way more relaxed when I have a rough plan in place.  I think I'm at the age where I have to start pretending to be an adult when it comes to finances. I vow to utilize the words "401k", "Roth IRA" and "Write-offs" in less than complete ignorance. 

If you guys like the idea of this 3-word philosophy, I'd love to hear what you come up with for your new year! 

Happy 2013!!


Posted on January 2, 2013 .