Luke Davids On Reality TV!

This is my "thinking face."

When I was eleven years old I was on a reality TV show in England called “Boys Alone.” I lived in a house with nine other boys for a week without adult supervision. The production crew provided all the food and entertainment.  The only rule we had was that to be included in the final edit of the show, we needed to stay on the grounds for the entire week. The house was massive. Half of it was blocked off for the film crew -- who lived there for the five filming days -- and the other half was ours. 

Here is a short clip from the 2002 series. The show was then re-cast in 2009. Here is a trailer from the 2009 season of Boys Alone with a dramatic voice over that will give you a better idea of the show.

It was an interesting social experiment and caused some controversy later on when it aired. We had free reign the whole time and not surprisingly the havoc we caused was constant and extensive. Apart from the normal mess, by the last day the walls were covered with syrup and cereals, bedrooms covered in jam, board game pieces and trash and the pet hamster had passed on to hamster heaven.  

The boys were picked randomly, one from each school in a surrounding area of the filming location. The production crew asked the headmaster at the music boarding school I attended to refer a 10-11 year-old boy that he thought would be a good fit for the show and I was the chosen one! It was a small boarding school, there were only eight or nine students in my entire grade and probably only five boys my age. A few of them were from overseas and not fluent in English. I am sure I was chosen because I was fairly typical. The school stipulated that the show must provide a way for me to practice daily so there was a little electronic keyboard in my room. I enjoyed playing and practicing so I was glad to have that keyboard. 

We split the two bedrooms up into "good and bad” ...or more appropriately "cool and lame.” Of course, I was in the cool room. The main thing I missed when I lived there was normal cooked food. There was one evening where another boy in the house and I cooked a “meal” for everyone. The meal consisted of frozen fries, sweet corn and burgers (veggie burgers for myself and another vegetarian boy). We set up a table and chairs outside in the garden and had an hour of fairly civilized time together. Immediately following dinner, chaos and war ensued once again for the remainder of the week. 

Check out this clip of the show but please judge me conservatively :-)


Posted on February 6, 2013 .