Songwriting Tips Video Series

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LIVE FROM LIVERPOOL” w/ The Ottumwa Symphony Orchestra




Each short, to the point video will be jam-packed with songwriting goodies. There will be a blend of knowledge and some applicable techniques and formulas in each video that you can experiment with in your own writing. 

Week 1: How do you build a song? What are your basic building blocks? What's the goal of each one?

Let's dive in.



A 5-day songwriting challenge designed to guide you through the entire songwriting process.

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Song School is HERE!

It's finished! The first half of my online songwriting course is currently live.

Check out the full curriculum and some free preview vids: 

Not only is the entire Song School course currently available for HALF PRICE, there's also a flex-pay option to make it even easier. This will be going away when the course fully launches in a few weeks so take advantage while you can.


Sat 06/22 at Cafe Paradiso

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Live @ Market On Main

Friday 05/25 | 5:30pm - 7pm

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Available Now...

In this free 3-day songwriting workshop I'll be covering the 5 key elements of a song and how to get the most out of each of them along with some formulas, techniques and songwriting tips.

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Valentines Day Gift

Here's my rendition of "My Funny Valentine" as a gift to you this Valentines Day

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Luke Davids on Patreon

• Monthly Live Online Shows

• Monthly Cover Videos

• Access to work-tapes and sketch recordings of new material

• New original content

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Join me at Market On Main: Friday Feb 02



Cafe Paradiso: Friday 01/26 & 8pm




Available Now: Brand New Patreon Page & Christmas EP 

I'm super excited to announce the launch of my Patreon Page! I have so many exciting things planned to release via Patreon and I hope you'll join me for the ride.

Along with that I've released a Christmas EP! If you buy it on Patreon at the $5 reward level you get TONS more stuff than buying it on Bandcamp for the same price but both options are available! 

Check out the new Patreon page here


A Christmas EP: Available 12/17/17

The Christmas EP and brand new Patreon page will both be going live on Sunday 12/17!!

I’ll be counting down every day until then with some previews, behind-the-scenes content and other surprises.

Be part of the event:


Here's what's coming in Dec:

A Christmas E.P..png

Live Online Show: Christmas Edition

Send me a message to request a song to be played live on the show:

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Luke Davids & Josie Overmyer @ Cafe Paradiso: Friday 11/11



Luke Davids on Into The Weeds Podcast

My interview and live performance on Into The Weeds is now live! I recorded this as I passed through St Louis on tour and had the most fun I've had in quite a while. These guys were quality conversationalists and songwriters. We talk about our musical roots and play some of our original songs. It's interesting how different our styles are but how much common ground we have when discussing songwriting as an art form. 

Listen to the episode here


Fri 11/03: Dallas, TX @ Chateau Virago

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Live from Mockingbird Studios

Watch the replay here


Tour dates are finalized!

The GoFundMe page will stay live this week for anyone who would like to show their support and grab some of the rewards we've set up!


Live @ Henderson's - 10/13

Join Jenny Sammons and I for a night of live music, a raffle with tons of quality giveaways and more to help raise funds for our upcoming Southwest Tour! Click here for more details.


Fall Tour Announced!

Help support our tour:

It's been a long time coming but I'm SO glad it's finally happening! I'll be joined by Jenny Sammons (watch our slightly goofy vid below for all the details). As mentioned in the vid we can only really pull this off with some help from our friends and supporters so we've started a GoFundMe page. Any donations will go towards our road expenses (food, gas, other things to keep us alive for 3 weeks).


"Let Love" physical copies available now

Grab your copy of Luke Davids' latest album "Let Love" on the store page today!


08/25/2017 - Luke Davids at Market on Main in Ottumwa, IA

Join me this Friday night in Ottumwa


This Saturday Night: Live Online Show

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Live at Cafe Paradiso Sat 07/29

Join Josie Overmyer and myself for a night of original music at one of the nations top listening rooms featuring award winning espresso plus craft beer and wine. 


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1-on-1 Songwriting Coaching

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New blog on why I'm no longer vegan:

Farewell Veganism


Live at Cafe Paradiso - 03/29

Join me on Wednesday March 29th at Cafe Paradiso for a night of original music - some brand new and some favorites off of the "Let Love" album. 

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Live Online Show - Fri @ 7pm CT

Join me for a live online show this Friday where I'll share some of the new songs I've been writing, play some favorites off of the "Let Love" album and fulfill any cover requests you guys send in.


When: Friday March 17th @ 7pm CT

What: Musical Awesomeness

Why: See Above

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Email cover requests to


"The Inspiration Initiative"

Join me on my brand new radio show "The Inspiration Initiative" every week on KRUU FM where I'll be featuring music that has inspired me in some way as well as holding interviews with other artists to discuss their creative process and sources of inspiration. 

"The Inspiration Initiative" airs every Tuesday at 11am CT (12pm ET, 9am PT) and rebroadcasts on Saturdays at 4pm CT (5pm ET, 2pm PT).


Interview with KRUU FM

Check out the most recent interview with KRUU FM below:


"Let Love" Available Now

Luke Davids' new album is now available to stream and purchase here.


Live Online Show - 12/10 @ 7pm

Join me this Saturday evening for a live online show via Facebook Live! Chat via the comments and submit any cover requests in advance to

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"Let Love" Album Release Party!

Join me this Saturday night at 8pm Eastern via Facebook Live for the "Let Love" album release party! I'll be playing some songs, sharing some stories and hopefully chatting with all of you.

Click here for event details.

Until then check out the new animated lyric video for the brand new single "It Must Be Love" below.

Live Online Show Sat. 10/08

Join me via Facebook Live to hear the debut of some songs off of the upcoming album release "Let Love." Bring your questions and conversation topics and participate via the live chat!

When: Saturday 10/08/16 @ 8pm Eastern


Any cover requests for the show? Send them to


"Let Love" Available For Pre-Order


"Let Love" is the sophomore release from Luke Davids and focuses on spreading a message of Unconditional Love. The first single "It Must Be Love" is now available to stream! Receive your copy of the single when pre-ordering the album. 

"Let Love" officially releases on Oct. 22nd. 


New Full-Length Album "Let Love"

Available Fall 2016

"Let Love" will be the first full-length album from Luke Davids since the release of his Self-Titled LP in 2012. 

The album will include 10 new originals with the title track "Let Love" heralding a new phase for Luke's music that focuses on sharing a message of Unconditional Love and finding peace within.


100% FREE Download

In preparation for the new album release that is in the works go grab a copy of Luke Davids' first album!

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Photo credit:  Peaceful Daily

Photo credit: Peaceful Daily


New song "Ode to Carolina" and live DVD "The Ustream Sessions" available now!!

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"The Ustream Sessions" - available on 04/16/16

"The Ustream Sessions" is a new live DVD containing 60 minutes of performances and stories that were streamed online where fans could interact and request songs, ask questions etc. Over 8 hours of footage from 10 online shows has been edited down to include the best performances and most engaging conversations!

"The Ustream Sessions Commentary" allows you to watch "The Ustream Sessions" along with Luke Davids and Brooks Paschal (producer/co-writer) as they talk about how each song was written and recorded, the art of songwriting and some (mostly) silliness. 

Both will be available on 04/16/16 along with a brand new original song "Ode to Carolina." 

Sign up here if you'd like to receive updates, free music and exclusive content!

"The Ustream Sessions Commentary" Trailer:


"The Ustream Sessions" Trailer:


New track "Ode to Carolina" releases on 04/16/16!


"The Spotlight" AVAILABLE NOW!

The first release off of my new album is finally here!

Download "The Spotlight" and check out some other brand new items on the store.

Listen to song preview here.

Luke Davids: LIVE via Periscope

Join me this Friday and Saturday at 7pm EST on the Periscope app (@lukedavids) for a chat about life, what's been going on and what I have coming up! 


New Song: "The Spotlight"

Brand new song "The Spotlight" will be out on 01/16/16 - Enjoy a free preview below!

This will be the first of a string of new releases throughout 2016. Stay tuned for new music every other month and sign up for exclusive previews and updates at


Luke Davids is a London-born singer-songwriter with inventive arrangements & hooks that remind us of Elvis Costello and Ben Folds Five.

Luke Davids
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Why do we write?

Over my time spent as a songwriter, I’ve thought a lot about how other people write. Do they wait until they’re inspired? Or do they treat it like a 9 to 5 job, hammering out song after song hoping for a gem along the way? I’ve also thought about what they write. Pop songs, ballads, two-parters, songs with bridges, songs with five verses (ahem - James Taylor). I’ve even spent some time thinking about where and when others write. Home studio? Out in nature? On the subway ride? 3 am in the morning? In the evenings after a long day at work? But one thing I’ve never really considered is why do people write songs? I know for me it’s a variety of different reasons but let’s analyze a few motivating factors to find out why people write.

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