New song "Ode to Carolina" and live DVD "The Ustream Sessions" available now!!

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"The Ustream Sessions" - available on 04/16/16

"The Ustream Sessions" is a new live DVD containing 60 minutes of performances and stories that were streamed online where fans could interact and request songs, ask questions etc. Over 8 hours of footage from 10 online shows has been edited down to include the best performances and most engaging conversations!

"The Ustream Sessions Commentary" allows you to watch "The Ustream Sessions" along with Luke Davids and Brooks Paschal (producer/co-writer) as they talk about how each song was written and recorded, the art of songwriting and some (mostly) silliness. 

Both will be available on 04/16/16 along with a brand new original song "Ode to Carolina." 

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"The Ustream Sessions Commentary" Trailer:


"The Ustream Sessions" Trailer:


New track "Ode to Carolina" releases on 04/16/16!


"The Spotlight" AVAILABLE NOW!

The first release off of my new album is finally here!

Download "The Spotlight" and check out some other brand new items on the store.

Listen to song preview here.

Luke Davids: LIVE via Periscope

Join me this Friday and Saturday at 7pm EST on the Periscope app (@lukedavids) for a chat about life, what's been going on and what I have coming up! 


New Song: "The Spotlight"

Brand new song "The Spotlight" will be out on 01/16/16 - Enjoy a free preview below!

This will be the first of a string of new releases throughout 2016. Stay tuned for new music every other month and sign up for exclusive previews and updates at


Luke Davids is a London-born singer-songwriter with inventive arrangements & hooks that remind us of Elvis Costello and Ben Folds Five.

Luke Davids
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